Our Services

At Bishop-Johnson & DeSanto Funeral Home and Bishop & DeSanto Funeral Home we realize that saying goodbye to those you love is never easy. The sense of loss can be lightened however, by assuring the details of the funeral arrangements are made in advance through pre-planning.

We also realize that thinking about one’s funeral leaves most people feeling a little uneasy, but more adults are finding that preparing for the inevitable is a wise decision. Those pre-planning their own funerals say it offers great emotional and even financial security.

To best serve you, we offer complete pre-planning services. You may fill out our online pre-planning information form or call us in Hornell at 607-324-2700 or in Avoca at 607-566-2300 or in Hammondsport at 607-569-2174 to learn more about the comfort and security that pre-planning can offer your family.