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Grieving is a normal reaction following any loss – the loss of a pet is no exception. Your best friend, a member of your family, is no longer with you. It is ok to cry, to be angry, to feel guilty, and to question why this has happened. A pet is special, a companion that will truly be missed. It is perfectly natural to mourn the loss.

Euthanasia –A Difficult Choice

If your pet had a terminal illness, choosing euthanasia was probably a very difficult decision. However, it is considered humane especially if the quality of life for your pet had become poor – for example, if your pet had trouble eating, sleeping, or moving about.

Once the decision was made, you might have experienced a period of anticipatory grief. Realizing that your pet was going to die probably led to powerful emotion, such as sadness, anger, and confusion. Making your pet as comfortable as possible prior to the procedure became your main function as a caregiver.

Know that your pet appreciated that time as well. The passage of time will help you to realize you did everything you could for your pet.

Getting another pet to fill the void that is left after a pet’s passing can help. Only you can determine when you are ready. Just remember that the new pet in no way “replaces” your other pet. It is just a new addition to your family — a new best friend.

Bishop-Johnson & DeSanto Funeral Home and Bishop & DeSanto Funeral Home can assist with the loss of a your pet by offering both permanent and temporary grave markers as well as offering helpful pamphlets to assist with the grieving process. Please call us in Hornell at 607-324-2700 or in Avoca at 607-566-2300 or in Hammondsport 607-569-2174 to learn more.